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About us

Our family has been connected with winemaking and the wine village of Mittelberg for generations. Our ancestors did not just specialise in wines, but also grew other crops. Change came with the highly experienced vintners, Herbert and Erna Gruber. They realised the potential in winemaking and expanded our vineyards field by field to their present area. We are a family business and we manage around 8 hectares of vineyards.


The winemaking naturally does not begin in the cellar, but starts outside in the vineyards as the quality of the wine emerges from there. Our principal aims are to work in harmony with nature and manage the vineyards' ecosystems optimally.


We work with care and respect the land and vines all year round. Our reward comes in autumn when we are able to harvest grapes of the highest quality to make wine and grape juice.

Grape Harvest